Sunflower- Painting #108

by Lazarus on August 26, 2016


Sunflower 6×8 in. Oil on board 8/26/2016 #365paintings2016


I got some sunflowers for homework last Sunday. Hiro strikes again! He knew I wanted to get to them this summer and I guess he remembered before before I could. :) I love them but immediately my head goes to Vincent van Gogh. How could it not? I pulled out a few that spoke to me and decided to suspend them against a dark background. Sveva thought this was a great idea, jumping up and smacking them when she could. That girl, I swear.

Sveva sunflower

I started out with a simple sketch in oil and ditched the idea of getting a smaller flower with all the stem floating in the painting and focused on one in particular. My suspending it of course was now killing the flower but I liked her where she hung so continued on and took a pic, knowing quite well that it wouldn’t be long before she began to wilt in the lights anyway. Made as many notes in color as I could that first day.

The second day I went in and got off to a good start but then everything fell apart as can happen when you’re using a fair amount of paint and moving from edge to edge. Especially with such a dark background. Wiped out by end of day.

The next day I had an idea that I wanted to investigate and once I did it changed the whole direction of the painting. I have this thing about flowers not just being flowers once I paint them. A lot of times a hidden meaning or core concept changes the shape of the flower and it represents something else. Sometimes to the degree that it has a whole story. 

It happened a bit like that this time, in a way, and there’s a clue to it’s deeper meaning within it. That’s a really fun thing to do. I love stuff like that. So it’s a florilegium like the Victorian prints used to appreciate the esthetic beauty of various  plants and flowers. But with a little magical realism thrown in for good measure. ;) I would love to do a more developed version of her… I hadn’t seen that one coming.



Four Seasons Tree/Summer – Painting #107

by Lazarus on August 19, 2016

four seasons tree

Four Seasons Tree/Summer 8×8 in. Oil on board 8/19/2016 #365paintings2016

It’s been one long hot summer. Fashion Week July came and went and took with it my wrists. Carpal tunnel set in and I had to take it easy for awhile. I’ve been watching my tree the whole time. She really is amazing in every season. When I sent an oil sketch of her to my friend Hiro, he sent me a pic of Shiva he found courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t her reincarnated. I’d been in love with her very distinctive shape from the moment I set eyes on her, but hadn’t made the connection. (!!)  She’s my Shiva Tree.

When I painted her the first time I was operating under the stipulation that I would paint her the last day of every quarter of the year. Ditched that idea since it didn’t really make sense in that she wasn’t actually in her full Spring bloom at the time. So I will be revisiting her for that season/reason. I did, in fact, snap a couple of pics of her when her leaves were just poking out and she was blooming with tiny white flowers. Quite an adorable sight to to see since I’d painted her looking so stoic. Can’t wait to bring her to you.

Mother Nature is a harsh mistress. She makes it look so easy.

four seasons tree sketch

Shiva fo real


Sky Thru Tree-Painting # 106

August 4, 2016

Sky Thru Trees 8 in. x 8 in. Oil on board 6/30/2016 #365paintings2016 I was thinking about going back into this one, but so much time has passed I feel it best to leave her be. What excited me was being and painting outside, in that moment. I don’t want to muck up such a […]

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Hydrangea After the Rain- Painting #105

June 29, 2016

Hydrangea After the Rain 6 x 6 in Oil on board #365paintings2016 Hazah! Went to Oval Park today with my new set up. Feels good to get the first one out of the way and I gotta say it went really well. I found a great strip of park to work in that’s for the […]

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Interior: Studio Doorway/Looking Into Kitchen- Painting #104

June 29, 2016

Interior: Studio Doorway/Looking Into Kitchen 6 x 8 in Oil on board #365paintings2016 I’ve been making myself uncomfortable by using the portable palette exclusively and painting in situations I’m not used to. It hasn’t been easy pulling myself out of my head and this depression and back into my work and what I know I […]

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Leaf Study with Bird- Painting #103

June 27, 2016

Leaf Study with Bird 3 x 8 in. Oil on board #365paintings2016 Everyday I write the book. I need to train myself to paint directly more often. That’s what I don’t get to practice as much in my paintings that require many layers. The chance to hone in on the initial brushwork in as few […]

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A Work In Progress + Beach Day!

June 24, 2016

Blackberry Bird progress pic. 8 x 8 in. Oil on board This painting has been on my easel while I’ve been working on other things lately. I keep working on it. Just wanted to give you guys a progress pic. Sandy Hook, NJ 6/22/2016 So, I finally made it back to the beach. Lots of […]

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Once more unto the beach!!

June 21, 2016

Detail of Aparecido 70 x 27 in. Oil on found object I’ve turned the studio upside down and gave it an overhaul in preparation for some renovations to come to my home that I’m very excited about.  (!!)  I think I’ve been preoccupied lately with wanting to get outside and so I shall! Once more […]

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The Magnificent Madame Furie- Painting #102

June 14, 2016

The Magnificent Madame Furie 6 x 6 in. Oil on board 6/14/2016 #365paintings2016 The Magnificent Madame Furie is currently convalescing from surgery in her cone as if under some spell. The scar above her eye betrays her plight but let it be known far and wide that she will absolutely be back to her ferocious […]

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The Elephant In the Room- Painting #101

June 9, 2016

  The Elephant In the Room 8 x 8 in. Oil on board 6/9/2016 Maybe it’s just me, but…that’s what this project can feel like sometimes. Since my unplanned hiatus, people have been unusually quiet about it. Like they’re wondering if I’m actually still doing it. Well, I am. Dammit. Now here’s some whimsy for […]

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